The Conservative Government Must Stop Eliminating Science

This Conservative government has shown a blatant disregard for the importance of scientific discovery & integrity.

They have continuously cut funding for scientific research and programs; closed key offices such as the Office of the National Science Advisor; limited the scope of research allowed at the National Research Council; and muzzled scientists from speaking to the media or the public about their research or findings – all undermining scientific capacity and transparency in Canada.

The rash decision to close the DFO libraries without the appropriate consultation, referencing and transferring of resources means that the Conservatives have put irreplaceable scientific research at risk.

These libraries housed rare baseline knowledge dating back to the early 1800s on aquatic systems, fish stocks and fisheries.  These resources are now lost to scientists and the public alike and put our fisheries and our environment at risk due to mismanagement.

Please help us send a message to Stephen Harper and his Conservative colleagues that their attack on science is wrong and that fundamental research capacity, evidence-based policy and scientific freedom must be protected.

While it may be too late to save the scientific research destroyed by the Conservatives with the purge of these seven world renowned libraries you can help us stand up for science in Canada by signing our petition at : .

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